Basic Facts About Refrigerator Compressors

refrigerator-compressorIn this modern era, it is quite difficult to come across a house without refrigerators. The cooling unit will take care of your food and beverages. Conversely, most people regard refrigerators as a stylish element, which would enhance the net worth of their kitchen. Apart from its looks and features, refrigerators have gone through many technical advancements! From the unit’s compressor to its heating element, refrigerators have gone through many changes. Technology has created breathe taking cooling units, with everything you could think off. However, innovation has not being competent enough to frame refrigerators, which would run for several years.

Cons of a Faulty Compressor

In this short write up, you will read about a crucial component that induces most problems in refrigerators. Personally, I regard compressors as the heart of any fridge. A faulty compressor would make the cooling unit extremely noisy. This is why you should follow routines that would take care of the compressor and its functionalities. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through interesting facts, I have learnt about the important component.

The mechanism followed by Refrigerator Compressors

Generally, refrigerator compressor are framed to increase the pressure of gases and vapour. All cooling elements tend to depend on the functionality of its coolant. Conversely, refrigerants in the fridge should be maintained well below the boiling point. This is when the need for refrigeration compressors increases. The important component maintains the coolant within low boiling point.

Three types of Compressors

Personally, I have come across three different types of refrigerator compressors. Here is a quick review through these three components:
1) Screw compressor is a very old design that passes refrigerant vapour/gases through spindles. The spindle restricts the flow of gas.
2) My first refrigerator had a scroll compressor. The customized unit reduced leakage and made the cooling element much more efficient. Currently, the scroll compressor tops the list of refrigerator repair parts in the market.
3) Another famous compressor used in commercial outlets would be the “Piston Compressor”. As suggested by its name, the compressor increases and reciprocates pressure. Piston compressors are well known as “Reciprocating Devices”.

Take care of the Refrigerator Compressor

Over the years, refrigerator compressors have come in different shapes, sizes and capacity. The crucial component is devised to enhance the performance of the cooling device. Thus, if you want your refrigerator replacement parts to last for a very long time, trust me, you must keep an eye on its compressor.

Three Main Reasons behind Refrigerator Compressor Noise

images (2)Have you ever heard of a moaning and groaning refrigerator? Are you living with a very important utility that takes care of your food and beverages, but makes unbearable amounts of noise? If yes, trust me, you will find this article useful! As my refrigerator hit its 10th birthday, I started to hear annoying noises. The noisy refrigerator made my nights loud and mornings frustrating. This was when I wished to know the actual reason and cause of the terrible noise.

Few Important Tips

Fortunately, my uncle is an experienced refrigerator mechanic. He has being in this field for more than 5 years. As a result, he knows everything about the refrigerator: its mechanisms and functionalities. Over the years, he has helped me with tips on how to take care of the refrigerator. And in this article, you get a quick glimpse through these hints. Trust me, my uncle’s mind blowing tips will help you locate and troubleshoot refrigerator noise in style!

First of all, he asked me to verify if the noise was coming from the inner-most freezer or outer-most compressor. This is a crucial step that will help you narrow down the main reason behind the noise. Always bear in mind that the mechanism to be followed, while troubleshooting the fault, depends on the actual source of the noise.

Resolving Refrigerator Noise!

Luckily, the refrigerator has only a handful of parts that can cause noise. The moment you spot the real cause behind the noise, you can resolve the issue effortlessly. Some of these issues will require a nominal amount of effort to be fixed, whereas others will require the assistance of a skilled & trained professional.

Spotting noise from the Evaporator Fan

Apart from the refrigerator compressor, the inner evaporator fan would produce a mild yet annoying noise whenever the unit cools actively. In most cases, the noise would sound like a groan, chirp or squeal. Personally, I have noticed this noise whenever the fan motor comes in or goes out. To verify if the noise is caused by the evaporator fan, you should perform the following steps:

1) Open the refrigerator’s freezer door and press the fan/light switch.
2) Secondly, check if the sound gets loud and prominent, when the door is wide open!
3) If the evaporator fan motor is damaged, you will hear a very loud noise. Unfortunately, there is no solution against this problem. You must replace the entire part to solve this noisy issue.

Noise from the Refrigerator Compressor

Similarly, if you hear a rumbling noise from the back or a purring noise from the refrigerator, you should comprehend the fact that there is a problem in the utility’s compressor. The very first time I spotted the refrigerator’s compressor, I was astonished. The compressor looked like a football sized casing near the bottom of the refrigerator. The unit comprises of copper tubes and coloured wires. The sealed unit is prone to be affected by many problems. If you isolate the noise as a problem related to the compressor, you must approach a trained refrigerator technician as soon as possible.

The Sooner The Better – Keep an Eye on the Refrigerator’s Compressor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre you living with a very old refrigerator? Do you find your refrigerator’s compressor noisy and unbearable? Few years back, when I got my first refrigerator I flew through cloud nine. However, as time passed, one of my much loved utilities at home became a nightmare! The Refrigerator started to make weird, loud noises! To be more precise, I was able to hear the loud cry of my refrigerator compressor from the hall, lawn, bedroom and almost everywhere. So, are you battling through a similar situation? Through personal experience, I have understood few important points. In accordance with the very old adage, “The sooner the better”; You can save lots of bucks if you figure out the utility’s faulty nature and find apt refrigerator replacement parts, few days before the actual sign.
It is quite easy to verify if the refrigerator compressor is ready for repair or not. And, in this article, you will get a quick review through these signs.

Weird, clicking noises from the Refrigerator!

As mentioned previously, the refrigerator makes weird, clicking noises at frequent time intervals. Generally, all refrigerators are programmed to click once in every three hours. Nevertheless, if the refrigerator compressor has being working extensively for several years, it would become over-heated. This is when precautionary measures should be carried out to save the utility’s overall lifespan. When my refrigerator started to make clicking noises, I thought it was a loose bolt. This is another sign that proves the presence of a faulty refrigerator compressor.

Why is my food warm? Why is the fridge hot?

Secondly, the refrigerator would not cool adequately. This is an indispensible sign that verifies a compressor, which is wearing out and would break someday. As the refrigerator ages, it would generate acidic vapours and residues. The refrigerant would turn on and off at random hours. Consequently, the compressor’s efficacy would reduce, resulting in a poor cooling effect. One of my uncles is a famous refrigerator mechanic. According to him, more than 2/3rd of the town’s population lives with compressors that don’t cool food properly.

Days with Thick Layers of Frost and Ice!

Few months ago, my refrigerator was laden with thick layers of frost. The frost was exceptionally hard and unbreakable. Moreover, the freezer compartment was packed with solid ice. Honestly, I was not able to take food from the freezing compartment. When I approached my uncle, he told me that the compressor’s cooling mechanism has failed beyond repair. Thus, the fridge is not able to control its internal temperature. This is a critical problem that can be analyzed and verified by a professional alone!

Handling the refrigerator’s hardware and hardcore components

If you wish to enhance the lifetime of the refrigerator compressor and the refrigerator water line, you should clean its coils and cabins frequently. Use a clean brush while cleaning the utility. However, if you are scared to get-down to the unit’s hardware and hardcore features, hire a skilled technician. Professionals with several years of experience in the field will definitely add several years to the refrigerator’s compressor. This is a statement devoured through personal experience. The experts would be aware of the right kind of refrigerator repair parts and techniques.

The ultimate bottom line

In this modern era, we tend to live with gadgets that make very little noise. Though the refrigerator is an ubiquitous structure in each and every household, it cannot be taken for granted. You must be aware of the fact that noise is a healthy sign, which would save you from unforeseen expenses and time consuming repairs. As mentioned previously, if your well used refrigerator parts make funny noises at random hours, trust me, you have refrigerator problems coming down the lane!